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I LOVE documenting real life moments and strive to provide my clients with images that become part of their treasured family legacy.

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My name is Katelyn Malo and I am a professionally trained wedding/portrait photographer based out of Timmins, Ontario (although I am more than happy to travel anywhere you may need me).

When I’m not shooting, you can find me out enjoying nature, eating/cooking yummy food, tending to my many house plants and spending time with my family, my friends, my partner Shane and our Chesapeake Bay Retriever Ted.

I LOVE documenting real-life moments and live by the saying “shoot what it feels like not what it looks like”. I especially love capturing quiet or real, emotion-filled moments: anyone crying at weddings, long hugs, bursts of laughter, tiny hands, aged hands….the list goes on! It is always important to me that my clients feel comfortable and themselves.

I also prefer shooting on location in spaces that matter to the person I’m photographing because I believe it ads an extra element of meaningfulness; however if you need me to, I can recommend great locations for photographs.

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